>It was a busy day and frankly it wore me out. Fell asleep for a nap while Katelynn finished re-packing Mom’s stuff we brought back Saturday night from Oklahoma.

As I suspected, it wasn’t packed for long-term storage and my brother admitted as much. No one would suspect we’d wait to get it out of storage 2 years after mom’s passing.

I called Danny from Moore, OK after opening up the storage unit and looking over the goods. He rented for my mom a 10X15 unit and only needed a 5×5. It was all stacked against the right wall. Dusty as hell, more spider webs than the Munster’s living room. I called and told him, “You’re such a Democrat! Someone else is paying for it, so you buy way more than you need! I could have been paying $20 per month for the last 5 years rather than $70!” All he could say, “Was it that big, heck, I don’t remember that. I sure didn’t think you were gonna take THIS LONG to go pick it up. Oh well, sell it off and get your money back.”

Guess I’ll have to.

There were so many spider eggs and dust in the boxes, Katelynn decided to take upon herself to repack everything before we put it back in storage. I wasn’t ready to go through Mom’s stuff, so bless her heart, she did it all herself. But I did a little. I helped unload it in the yard (to air out), bought some fresh boxes, and took the junk to Goodwill, and the old boxes to the recycle center.

But Katelynn did most of the work, plus the two business stops we had to make today at Fort Hood. Our next task in the weeks ahead is to get MY old stuff out of the 10X20 unit and move it all into our garage. I think I’ll pay someone to do that. With both units shut down, it’ll put $250 back in our pockets each month.

Oh, one thing in Oklahoma that impressed me. It was a Sooners home game weekend, and we stayed overnight in Norman. The next morning ALL THOSE SOONER fans were in the hotel restaurant… and me being a U.T. man… it was very un-nerving. But I have to say, the OU fans were very nice to us, even knowing we were Longhorn fans… I was rather vocal about it. Not a single person there gave me any smack. Most everyone I talked to wasn’t native. They were from somewhere else, one lady from NEW YORK?!

But I’d rather eat glass than to drive a U-Haul truck another 370 miles one-way again.