The words of Christ in John 15:18 NLT.  I got lazy so I’m really to blame.  I’ve neglected this blog since our move six months ago, a few homes down in Kaukauna.  Just lazyness. Well, since I didn’t back up my blog I lost all my “Christian” posts.

Several years ago I had a pretty vicious attack on my blog on one of my most popular posts about baby car seats.

I didn’t want it to happen again so I invested in some very effective blog security.  I basically had to copy and paste my entire blog up to that point and remove tons of malware coding.  And for several years it did its job flawlessly because I was posting fairly regularly, especially since my new position at Q90 Radio.

The awesome security apparantly annoyed a hacker in China to the point that he/she took the extra time to find a vunerability in an “outdated” version of WP.  Yes, I ignored a major core update for months and it cost me 4 years of posts.  The support team at my PAID HOSTING SERVICE found the malware code in one of my folders.  Under further investigation, it was discovered that it actually purused my website for posts and media with certain tags.  To my astonishment, it was all the posts on this blog having to do with my faith.  Every single on of them; gone.

Unbelievable.  Am I losing my mind? Hmmmmmm. I checked every single page of this blog and it’s all still here from day one, EXCEPT ALL MY CHRISTIAN posts.  I actually discovered my broken database while tracing one of my short urls back to a page on here about what it takes to get to heaven.  It was getting an average of 100 hits per month, MOSTLY FROM CHINA.

I don’t have the time or movtivation these days to dig up the old posts (I always copy and paste from Notepad and save them in case I want to use the content in print materials, etc.) and put them back up.  They were actually just posts preaching to myself or struggles with some theology.  I can’t help my ponder a little bit why a professional hacker didn’t just wipe the whole blog… the malware could have easily done that.  It searched out keywords like “gospel, Jesus, Christ, discipleship, fellowship, Christianity and such”.

My posts hit a nerve and the attack was laser focused and dilberate.  Lessons learned:  update my blog and plug-ins regularly, respond to my security email notifications (I started to let them stack up), pray for this person or persons (they are definately in a bad place to do this), pray for all Christian blogs (I doubt I’m the first and the last) and either get in or get out.  Word Press ain’t social media where you can come and go as you please.  There are hackers out there that need your blog server to spam emails that can’t be traced back to them.  I am blessed I discovered this before my 9 year old blog got blacklisted.