What?  Halloween night was my last post?  What kind of timely blogger am I?

With my new iPhone, I’ve become obsessed with doing everything on a smaller screen.  My DroidX2 was a little more intuitive and had more bells for blogging than I’ve discovered so far on the new device.

I’m sure it’s faster, cooler, and blogger-friendly, but the learning curve is a tad greater than I anticipated.

Plus… I’ve been keeping a lower profile than usual.  I’ve been sending out audition materials to local radio stations… so far, just courtesy replies, “when we have a postition THAT FITS YOU, we’ll be in contact.”

Fit.  I’m beginning to hate that word lately.  Same thing they told me at Woodward Communications.  It’s that “fit” thing they’re falling back into in these hard times I suppose.

Anyway.  I’m gathering materials and guests for future podcasting from the home studio (an ironing board with lots of equipment on it).   We all have to start somewhere when we’re ‘between gigs’.

Keep your fingers crossed.  One particular radio station nearby seems to be interested in just more than a ‘decent jock that will show up for his airshift and keep his great ideas to himself’…

It’s the only thing that will save traditional radio… “old blood with new ideas”.

That’s me… my “fit”… HA!!!!!!!!