Who cares about Wikipedia boycotting and blacking out. How about a campaign called “do not donate to Wikipedia.” With all their plea for donations, they should not be the ones to bite the hand that feeds them. The best way to combat piracy is to give good prices and not like overprice their goods. Sometimes when I look at the homes of celebrities, moguls and other big shots, it makes me not feel bad about piracy because their money come from those little people who patronized their stuff.

I just had to copy/paste this from a recent, really biased Reuter’s online article: “Internet blackout against U.S. law fails to enlist big sites”

Personally, I think ravenhearst74’s comment is over-the-top, but it does bring up a point that many artistic venues have been challenged by since the first cave drawings, “art vs. commerce”.   As an actor, comic, writer, and career radio broadcaster, I love my crafts, NEED my outlet, but at what cost to my financial well-being?   Piracy is wrong because it’s stealing, period.  Unfortunately, the internet has numbed us to believe it’s ‘borrowing’ for this one-shot fulfillment only.

SOPA, the bill itself, can not possibly prevent piracy any more than shutting down sex trafficking  or drug rings by putting them behind bars.    However,  it will definitely quite down some very powerful, artistic distributorships for a little while if it passes.

Be real, here: A majority of us believe we are all entitled to what we ‘think we want’ at the click of a button, and at no cost except our “should cover everything” monthly cell phone, or home ISP fees.

I hope you appreciate my tongue and cheek POV here.  The need will always be greater than technology can keep up with.  This is what makes the internet great and frankly unstoppable by a stupid bill that never should have seen the light of day.