I’m back in Killeen, back to reality. Almost. I’m still homesick for Fayro, Texas. I had to leave my friends there behind because I know there are more adventures for the Futrelle sisters and the Dubberly family.

I was Dub Dubberly for a few weeks. Poor Dub. Just a workin’ man trying to make a living and keep his family and freinds happy. “We just got to get Tina Jo down that aisle and everything will go back to normal.”

As I “debrief”, Dub’s immortal words still ring in my head:

“She doesn’t answer you back through that face cream, does she?”

“I never seen anyone in need of female companionship as bad as you, buddy boy.”

“She’s worked herself into such a fit, her nerves are shot.”

“It’s been nearly three months since there’s been any hanky panky with my Frankie.”

“Let’s find you something else to wear besides this little dress.”

“Let Geneva tell ’em. She’s the wedding cooridinator, and no one likes her anyway.”

“We can’t cancel the dance, we just can’t!”

“Poking dead meat with a stick.”

“For starters, you and the groom may actually show up.”

“Don’t you worry, Doodle Bug… we’re all running on empty.”

“If he don’t get something beside cheese to eat right quick, we’re gonna have a 280 pound road block in the middle of the aisle.”

“… he was freakin’ everybody out crawlin’ around under the pews.”

“I would have seen her more if she didn’t charge so much.”

“I should have known better than to try to keep a secret around a bunch of women.”

“I just wanted to please my wife so she wouldn’t be embarrased…”

“Well, since I’ve got you in the family way, it would be the honorable thing to do.”

“There ain’t nothing wrong with this cap!”

I’m sure those words aren’t quite the way they were scripted. My mind may not be as sharp as it was last week, I haven’t picked up my script since Sunday. But I remember the words above getting some powerful laughs… so they’re still stickin’ in my brain.

To immortalize my fellow Temple Civic Theatre cast members in cyberspace, let me tell you who they are and their roles (in order of their appearance in “Dearly Beloved”:

Lori Honeycutt – Miss Geneva Musgrave
Tiffany Jarosek – Tina Jo Dubberly
Jill B. Main – Honey Raye Futrelle
Sharon Brown – Frankie Futrelle Dubberly
Me (Crash Connell) – Dub Dubberly
Andi Billeck – Twink Futrelle
Jimmie Vernon – Nelda Lightfoot
Tiffany Jarosek – Gina Jo Dubberly
Jonathan Marmon – Justin Waverly
Joe Seale – John Curtis Buntner
Gary Bradford – Wiley Hicks
Janice Wilson – Patsy Price

As I write those names, I recall some of these actors appearing with me when TCT presented the playwrights’ first play “DEARLY DEPARTED” back in 2005. I had the role of “Ray Bud”… Jill was my wife “Lucille”, Andi was my sister-in-law “Suzeanne”, and our tech guy Ed Boyle had several roles in that run “Clyde, Bud, Norvelle, and Reverend Hooker”. That story was a fun one to perform, too.

Performing in “Dearly Beloved” also brought back audiences and cast members that enjoyed “Dearly Departed” which of course brought back memories and fun stories.

As I surf the Playwrights’ website, I’m glad that the folks of Fayro, Texas are telling their “trainwreck of a wedding” story all over the U.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, look for it coming to a live theatre near you soon…. AND GO ENJOY IT! And say “hey” to Dub Dubberly for me. I’m sure that actor is as close to that role as I was. As I am. Like it says on the sign as you enter Fayro… “if you can’t make friends here, give up!”