These photos were taken with my digital camera, they’re not the finished product that you’ll be able to see on “film” later. Anyway….

I was 15 minutes early last night, the first one at Rusty’s warehouse. Nice warm van going over lines one last time. 44 degrees at 10pm. At least the wind died way down. 10pm, everyone pulls in. Ben, Jonathon (he’s our hostage), Jamie (sound guy), and Nathan. The warehouse was much colder inside that it was outside. We could see our breath at times. Jonathon Marmon (he was in DEARLY BELOVED with me as “Justin”) accepted a small role in our film as our tied up hostage. He did very well. Screaming for help, all tied up in rope.
He had to leave after a few shoots but we got the footage we needed. He called about a half hour later to tell Ben to be careful with the rope that he was tied up with. His ankles had broken out in hives and swelled up. Jonathon said there’s something on the rope that caused a bad allergic reaction. Nathan and I touched the rope and had no reactions, but with the freezing cold temp inside the warehouse, we couldn’t feel our fingers anyway.
We did all the necessary shots and angles needed to make Ben happy with not too many “line brain farts”. I decided to not wear my glasses since this scene is a flashback to a few years earlier. Joe didn’t wear glasses in those days. Plus a little makeup took off a few years and a slimming blazer. I kept trying to remember to take off my damn glasses for the re-takes… “oh, sh-t, did I have my glasses on in that scene?” I was wearing a short sleeved shirt underneath, no protection from the cold. Nathan had no jacket on either. The only ones dressed for winter was Jamie and Ben!
After an hour, I went out to my van and warmed it up so we could all take a “warm up” break. All in all, all scenes went very well, in spite of the cold. Near the end, I kept “going up” on my lines because I was so cold, I actually started getting nauseous. Ben has plenty of footage in the can, he’ll make it all work out. But when you see the scene, keep it mind that that short scene took 3 hours to shoot, in 32 degree temperatures!