>These are actual emails or Crash Kelly.com guestbook entries… most of them came in right after my untimely departure from the US105 (Cumulus) morning show in Temple, Texas. There were about a half dozen “glad you’re gone” emails, too. Feedback is listed Newest to Oldest. If you’re a radio friend that found me here, please add your comment right after this post. There is life after the radio is turned off.

~ Phyllis Bishop Killeen Volunteers, Inc. City:Killeen, Texas Thoughts:Hi Andy, Joyce and I are coming to LA on and will be there until Wed. Thought we might be able to watch you in action. We know how good you are. We miss you. Phyllis

~ SGT Timothy Stroud City: Copperas Cove, TX Thoughts: Crash: Thank you for helping us spread the word about our fundraiser for the soldiers. We have sold tons of shirts to benefit the soldiers and their families on Ft. Hood. The “We Got Him” t-shirts are available on our online store at armywalloffame.com and the proceeds help the troops. Until the all come home…. Tim Stroud

~ Paul A Winter City:Beaver Dam Date:8-13-03 Comments:Just glad I found You! CRASH

NOTE: Paul was one of our regular listeners on the Crash and Burns Show on WJJO in Madison, WI back in ’96.

~ Bessie A Donner City:Round Rock, Texas Date:3-26-03 Comments:I wanted to know a bit more about you Crash Kelly. I learned of you from a friend. Just wanted to know what you were about.

~ Lisa Cooper City:Midland, TX Date:Feb 2,2003 Comments:Since you stopped broadcasting, I stopped listening to the radio altogether! I now have become a couch potato at home watching TV, and just sing to myself when in the car. It doesn’t bother me that much driving with no radio-but I think it’s beginning to bother my dog. I caught him the other day trying to turn it on with his paws!

~ Chris Jenquin City:Green Bay, Wisconsin Comments:Hey, what’s up there? WNCY hasn’t been the same these past couple of years without you in the morning! They let a bear into the studio every morning now. Did you know about that? Just thought I’d let you know about it.

~ John Lee Dixon City:Temple Comments:Hello Crash and Katelynn. I really likeyour web siite! :)~ WHen are you goinna get back on the radio somewhere so I can begin enjoying the crash ‘n’ company morning show again like I always use to? I remember something you said a long time ago on koov on the crash ‘n’ compny morning show. You were talking about Clint Black and you said you saw him shoting a magazine. Then you said He Was Just Killin’ Time! And you were starting playing that song! I laughed at that cause you were so funny always! Hey how come your working for Alfac Insurance now instead of that radio station? I looking at your Crash history and you have had many many radio dj jobs. I always wanted to work at a radio station. :)~ Peace!

~ randi koeppen City:spanish fork, utah Comments:been a crash fan since i lived in green bay…love ya!

~ Norman Kean City: Killeen, TX Comments: Miss listening to you on the radio Crash, hope you find another job soon.

~ Angi Dryja City: Krakow, Wisconsin Comments: Crash, when are you coming back to Green Bay??!?!?!? And if you DO come back to town, you better give me a call!! We gotta go out and test drive some cars and go out for ice cream again!!!!! :o) Miss you lots!

~ Elmo May City:Elk City, OK Comments:I was wondering if I could get a copy of the Poem 1/4 mile to heaven.

~ Randy Dean City: Green Bay, WI Comments: Hey Crash, Wow! I have felt nearly all the pains and emotions you mentioned in your last email. You know, I miss the radio work, but I DON’T miss the radio landscape these days. The corporate conglomeration of radio has taken the spirit out of being a creative individual. What’s the motivation to be competitive anymore? There’s no cross-town rivalries with ownership in just a couple of big hands in most markets. Jobs are going to those willing to take the lowest pay. I’m sorry, but I have what I consider to be a “talent,” a craft that I have worked hard to develope. I am not going to just give it away for the sake of my ego. If somebody wants me, they have to pay me. That’s what living in a western capitalistic society is all about! Radio in America now officially SUCKS! Individuality is gone. Young, new talent can barely find a place to get a start because of increased automation. The future for good talent on all levels looks bleak. But as long as their are putts’ out their willing to take it up the a–, it makes it nearly impossible for guys like us to hang in there. Health problems for my parents, too. My mother also has Parkinson’s. Also in the second stage. It’s tough watching our parents get old and their health starting to fail. My dad still runs the farm in Minnesota and he will be 72 this April. He just won’t quit. That’s how those old farmers go. Well, listen dude, I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Let me know what you get going, and listen don’t you dare come back here without hookin’ up with me for a few beers, okay? I’ll talk to you soon. Randy Dean
CRASH NOTE: Randy and I back in the late 90s competed for the same adult audience in Green Bay on two different stations and owners. We met at radio convention and became fast friends. Randy was the target of Cumulus downsizing also. He was replaced by a 20K salaried, younger deejay. Randy now works for Roadrunner Internet.

~ Eric Voight City:Oshkosh, Wisconsin Comments: This is Shotgun’s old intern, I’m just checkin out the website. Pretty nice website Crash!

~ jennifer cole City:ft hood, tx Comments: I just wanted to let you know that I really miss you guys when I wake up!!!! Hope you stay in the area so I can pick you up. Let us know where you decide to go, please. Sue the pants off of them!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! stay in touch!!

~ andy City:Green Bay WI Comments:crash sorry to here about you losing your job in texas. pleeeeease call shotgun and see if you can get your old job back.i got sick of listening to the new d.j. and switched over to the other country station in N.E.W. good luck with finding a new job.

~ Tawana Hanamann City: Appleton, WI Comments: Crash- you could count on me to listen if I could get your station in Wisconsin. We sure miss you!

Hey Crash! Really sorry to hear that your show was taken off the air – how rude!!!! Sure wish you’d come back up to Green Bay – like I’ve told you before, my mornings are just not the same since you left. I’ll say a prayer for you and hope that something comes up soon. Miss ya! Caron
Crash, I’m glad you’re staying in touch with us guys. Cuz I don’t listen to 105.5 anymore. I like a lot of listeners grown accustomed to waking up and starting our day with Big Joe over the years, I knew once big business stepped in, we would all eventually be screwed. Well anyway I gave you guys a chance on the morning show, and hey maybe a little chance is good. Well I enjoyed your show. I left for out of town in Aug and came back in Sept, tuned into 105.5 and was decimated. I will not listen to THAT station again!!!!!!! So there BIG BUSINESS, take that, maybe one little guy doesn’t matter to you, but I can tell you, I don’t give a damn!!!!! The way you IDIOTS at Cumulus conduct business, you don’t belong in Texas, and if it was up to me, I would help you pack your bags and run you out on a rail! Well now I feel better. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest (which Cumulus seems not to have). Crash you and Katelynn take care, I wish you all the best. Stay in touch and if you guys get on a station in the area let me know, cuz I only got so many CD’s. Curtis, from Killeen

Hey Buddy, Hope all is well with you. Hang in there, management in the radio business has been strange lately. Here in Austin on 93.3 they axed the male female morning show also. So for the morning commute to work I went searching. Looked at 100.7, it was alright, seemed kind of silly at points, I guess you need to like that kind of personality. 98.1 is a disappointment for me, someone likes them or they would not still be on the air. I tried 104.7 out of Marble Falls, then the changes format from coutnry to spanish music. Then I found 105.5, your show seem to be the last of a dying breed. It was refreshing to have a good morning show again. Katelynn and yourself made the morning fun again. It was nice to listen to a station outside of Austin, to get a different perspective on the state of Texas. I am not sure who is doing the marketing analysis of what the public wants from a radio station, but if I had my druthers I would have a morning show that was taylored to what the public enjoys. Best of luck to you and yours, in addition best of luck to Katelynn and hers. Will be monitoring your web site and your e-mail to see what the latest new is in your venue. Mark, Austin, Texas

dear crash, just wanted to let you know that i really miss you guys in the morning when i turn on my radio.station 105 is just not the same without you two on it.it is boring…i hope you both well in the future and back on the air soon. Debra Johnson Ft.Hood

It really is a horrible thing that they did to the two of you. I am sure that I am not on the only one who thinks that. There are more than likely hundreds of listeners that looked forward to getting up and hearing the morning show that you all once did. We all miss you and wish you the best in the future. Take care of you and yours- Carolyn

Hey Crash, sorry to hear about you losing your morning show job. I felt bad when you left Green Bay too. I wish you luck in the future, keep your chin up! Lori in Green Bay, WI

My name is dan west and I’m sending this message to Crash & Katelynn. Hi What Happen to your show I really enjoyed listening to your show every morning. I don’t know how that person got the morning show, I couldn’t even tell you his name because I don’t listen to him I change my Radio to Waco 100 on way to work in morning’s now. You Know a morning D J is suppose to wake you up and get you ready to go to work in the morning this guy dosen’t do that. He put’s you to sleep!! I don’t know how he got the job only thing I can say is he must be the Boss’s Son or he must be a good (But Kisser). If you want you can show this E-Mail to those people who matter at Us 105 or your Give someone’s e-mial Adress I can contact and I will ask them What to “Hell is thier Problem”. Thank You Dan West!!! Keep In Contact !!!!!

Just can’t understand what’s wrong with those people in the “head office”!! Do they really know what they are doing??!!! I have to admit, I was EXTREMELY skeptical about giving up my mornings with Big Joe but decided to give this “Crash” guy a chance!! It was a hard sell, but eventually, I was again tuning my radio to 105.5 in the mornings while I was getting ready. I wake up at 5:15am, so sometimes I felt as if we were the only ones awake at that hour!! I heard you talk about Mr. Guyton at Manor. I went to Manor and Mr. Guyton was my counselor!! I started to to really enjoy and look forward to hearing you in the mornings!! When I heard that “other guy” on the radio the other morning, I just assumed maybe you had taken the day off. When I got to work, I read your email about being replaced. That SUCKED!! (Oh my goodness, please excuse me! But that is the way I felt!) Good luck to you and Katelyn!! Wherever you find yourselves. Lisa

Well, after being here for so long and only listening to us105 and even way back when it was koov, I did discover that the only other station that came close to comparing was waco 100 (or whatever 99.9 is called). Maybe I am still listening out of habit. Honestly, I usually end up listening to my cds in the morning, because David Hodges (i think that is his name) just doesn’t have the spark that a morning show dj should have. Maybe you will be back ont he airwaves sometime soon. Then I will have a great mornig show to listen to again. Carolyn

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that the mornings have not been the same without you. I could only listen for a little while (I’m in Austin and can’t pick up us105 at work), but I really enjoyed listening. It’s just not the same. Good luck in your job search, and please let us know when you get something else. Kristi

Hi Crash I was looking at your webpage, checking out the pics in your gallery. Most of them were taken when you were here in Green Bay,WI with Y-100. We sure do miss you. I have been following some of your moves since you left here. Sorry to hear about your dismissal with your recent radio venture. Im sure that with your personality, you will find something bigger and better very soon. Keep on smiling. Jo Rintamaki

Crash, Believe it or not, this is a very difficult letter for me to write. I am saddned by the departure of you and Katelynn from KUSJ. Saddened and not just a little bit angry. Listener loyalty is a tenuous thing at best and it was primarily the mornng show with you and your co-hosts that kept me tuned to 105.5. I have not had the station on since the change-over, and doubt seriously if I will listen to it again. Probably short sighted of me, I know, but I have some pretty strong feelings about this. It probably won’t happen, but I hope listeners depart KUSJ in droves. Yeah, I know, petty and small of me. I sincerely hope you are able to obtain a position within the listening area of Lampasas. Please do keep us informed of your status and other stuff. If this does not happen, please allow this crusty old sailor to wish you “Calm seas and following winds” wherever you end up. Sincerely, Larry Lanning

Crash and Company, I want to say that I enjoyed waking up in the mornings to your program and listening to it until I got to work. Whenever the time permitted, I would listen to your show while at work. I understand the business mess, and what the execs look towards…profits, ratings, etc., and am saddened that you and your crew were a result of the beaurocracy. It seems to me that Cumulus Broadcasting doesn’t understand the “Southern” or “Texas” way of life or style. Big Northern or Mid-State Cities don’t understand our way of life here in the south, and shouldn’t go where they don’t belong. Although I hated to see KOOV go away, and had reservations about KUSJ, you, Jennifer, and Katelynn brought more to the morning show program than anyone else could ever attempt. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and look forward to hearing you all once again.

Keep in touch, let us know where you are at on the “radio dial” and our best wishes will always be with you.

Fans forever, Marshall and June Wethy Kempner (Yes!!! Kempner), TX PS: We actually don’t have a lot of junk vehicles in our front yards!!! They’ve been transformed into hugh flower beds and wildlife refuges’.

Hi Crash! I was decimated by the news of your leaving. That sucks. I regularly have to remind my fifth graders that “sucks” is a school inappropriate word, but in this instance it is appropriate! I loved your show, your sense of humor, your song lineup, and your chemistry with Katelynn and crew (and I’m not just saying that because I won tickets to Alabama and Fiesta Texas this summer!-) When will you be leaving the air? I am glad that you plan to stay in the area for now and am hoping that you will catch on with another local station. Thanks for the entertainment and the fun. Take care and keep in touch, Rick Michalek

Crash & Katelynn, Sorry your out of work. Things will get better soon I’m sure…Till then I can use some help washing dishes… If you’re qualified. Jody Jody’s Cafe Temple

I love US105 so much! I listen all day at work, in my car, and at home! But I just found out today that you werent there anymore. I read it on your website. I didn’t notice you were gone. When did you get fired? Oh well, I read on your “History Lesson” page that you’ve been fired from from a few other stations, so I’m sure you’ll get another job somewhere. Have you tried Waco100? Good Luck! Julie Hallinger, Kempner.

Crash, I wish you all the best in the future. I sure do miss you. You and Jennifer certainly set the tone for my life style. Hope you get on another station around here soon..Like maybe WACO 100. Cyndi Champion, Belton (email deleted by webmaster)

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