>This is my best work yet. I am honored he chose me within a few emails to design and host his website. I turn down a lot of business because too many want too much for too little. Designing web pages is my very part time hobby. I taught myself how to make websites back in the early 90s when I was doing morning radio shows… I wanted to get our show on the Internet as fast as possible. My first website has changed so many times, had many urls, but it’s had way over 1 and a half million visitors since it first went up. Even though I haven’t been on the air since September 2000, I seem to have a few listeners and friends that keep in touch via CrashKelly.com.

Oh yeah, my original thought. David Hernandez is a young videographer from San Antonio. He contacted me from my website http://www.bestcheapsites.com/ to find out if I could make him a website and how much. He sent me his MySpace link and I checked him out first.

Wow. Um. Gosh, my websites are inexpensive and fairly plain. Not too many bells and whistles. You’re a 21st century filmmaker, you sure you want me to do your website? He liked my “Actor Template” and asked how much to re-design it and put up links to his YouTube posts.

I cut him a special deal because of his past brave service in Iraq. He wrote back, “for that, I’m in. Send me a bill, get started”. Wait. Don’t send money until you see it. He replied, “I trust you, here’s some images, perhaps they’ll inspire you.” They did. I wrote some content that I thought would help get search engine hits. It was simple for me because of my experience with filmmakers, video shoots, etc. I even created a simple music loop from an Earth, Wind, & Fire tune for his page. He sent the copy back with “looks good, I trust you, go with it.”

Man, I wish my other clients was as easy to please. Ok, here goes nothing. A few days later I sent him a link to the final product and he wrote back. “It looks great, send me the bill.” He paid it promptly on Paypal.

I am so proud of it, for many reasons, that I sent the link to my friends and asked for feedback… it all came back positive. So, now I invite you to check out David’s website “My SA Films” for yourself. And if you know any performers looking to take their craft to the obvious next level, get in touch with David… and tell ’em Crash sent you.