>It’s been the worse week of my insurance career in a very long time. I’m a comic, I don’t do drama well. Unless it’s in a script.

You’ve been there. You do what you always feel is right… or try. Balancing every one’s input, feelings, and outcome (short-term and long-term).

Nine years doing what I felt was the right thing. The dividends were starting to pay off. Most of my insurance business has grown through referrals. Word of mouth. Job well done, caring service, work til solved, etc.

It doesn’t always mean money now, but it might later. But, at least we have the knowledge that the people we work with know our intentions, even when there’s mistakes.

Reward good service, don’t reward bad service.

My wake up call is that some insurance carriers will protect their agents ability to write new business in an account regardless of past bad service issues from their agents. To the letter. Good for the agent, bad for the client(s).

Lesson learned. Continue to do what you do. You will never change people by hoping.

My step son had his teacher conference today. That was great news. All A’s, except for a C in science. He was actually upset because it is his favorite subject. He said, “Wow, I guess I got lazy because it was so easy. I’ll get that fixed.”

Waiting for the teacher I saw a photo and quote on the wall:

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’. Maya Angelou

It hit me just right. I can’t get my managers to understand my frustration. They keep telling me, ‘leave your feelings out of this, this is business’. I answer back to deaf ears, “YOU CAN’T IGNORE FEELINGS, HUMANS HAVE THEM, DON’T YOU?!”

I shouldn’t expect anyone to figure in the human factor in any business equation, but I do. And perhaps it is the reason why I’m not a top sales producer. Many good sales people reading this are thinking, ‘loser… blaming others for your hurt feelings. Excuses. Move on, get back to the grind.”

When I quit my 25 year radio career, I took a job skill/personality assessment test at the local college. It suggested that I become a civil rights attorney or a social worker. WHAT?! That’s an extreme in salaries! Have people hate me or starve… hmmmm.

Funny, I’d be out of law school by now opening up my practice. Time to do some soul searchin‘. Caring has to matter. Caring has to be rewarded. Or we are in a WORLD OF HURT.

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