>Go ahead and say it, “you’re prejudiced“. Fine. I stopped taking my pants to this Asian owned dry cleaner a few blocks from my home because they won’t take my debit card if the purchase is under $10.00. $10.05, fine, YOU SWIPE CARD PLEASE. I got away with it a few times. 2 pairs of pants, light starch… about $6.00.

“Next time, you bring cashuh… (she points to sign: CHARGES UNDER $10, PAY CASH)

“Sorry, I don’t carry cash with me anymore… haven’t you seen those Visa Card commercials?” The clerk wasn’t amused.

I spent about $50.00 each month with this dry cleaner to press and clean my work clothes. I guess it’s not enough to make up for the service fee they pay to allow customers to use their debit services. I’m done with feeling stupid, so I’ll take them somewhere else. Apparently no money from me is better for them.

I was at Staples the other day and overheard several older Asian ladies arguing with a sales rep. “WHY SO MUCH?” One was holding a thin white binder in her hand, shaking it at the sales lady. The poor sales rep said, “It’s $1.49 each, what do you think it should cost?” They lady said, “WHY SO MUCH?”

I had to butt in. “If you really want to save money on a binder, go buy a cheap one on clearance at Big Lots, or Wal-Mart for crying out loud! WHY SO MUCH? DOES THAT REALLY WORK FOR YOU? Do you honestly expect her to give you a discount just because YOU say that? EXPLAIN THAT TO ME SO I UNDERSTAND! Is a buck fifty too much for a quality binder from a reputable store? My wife pays $30.00 for a $3.00 nail job, WHY SO MUCH?!?!?!

She calmly said, “YOU WORK HERE?” No. “I NOT TALK TO YOU, (looks back at the sales rep) WHY SO MUCH FOR ONE BINDUH!” It nearly worked for her, I almost paid for it to shut her up.

I’m going back to that dry cleaner… WHY SO MUCH!???

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