>April 17, 2009

Dear Representative Matheson,
Dear Senator Bennett,
Dear Senator Hatch,

My name is Daniel Connell. I am writing from Wayne county, Utah.This letter is in reference to the release of the D.O.J. torture memos released today(4-16-09).

The memos illustrate how the Bush administration received legal justification to torture. The memos also outlined the methods of torture to be employed and provided plausible deniability of wrongdoing in the event these acts of torture came to light. I would add there is viable and verifiable evidence the C.I.A. engaged in these acts. These acts of torture violate international and Federal law.

What is at least as un-thinkable is the fact that the person who devised our country’s methods of torture is a sitting Federal judge, tenured for life. This criminal stands in judgement over our citizens now.

I voted for President Obama and the Democratic agenda and was vociferous in my support. I felt that the previous Republican administration and Congress was corrupt and destructive. My support for the new President was often at my own peril considering where I live.

President Obama has declined to investigate and prosecute the agents, and those who authorized these monstrous acts in the name of my country and my children, because “they were just following orders”. The inhuman monsters who pulled the switch on the gas chambers in Germany were” just following orders”.

The president is Constitutionally bound to uphold the laws in this country. Failure to prosecute these crimes is a violation of his oath and is an impeachable offense. I urge everyone who serves in Congress, regardless of party to urge the President to fulfill his duty.

To my Democratic representatives I will say this. If the President does not fulfill his duty, I will at every available opportunity urge those who stood beside me in support of the Democrats , to withdraw their support and condemn the Democrats for condoning torture in the name of our children. I will add that in the event the President does not fulfill his duty, I will encourage those who oppose the President’s agenda to make every effort to undermine his agenda because he condoned torture and is allowing these war criminals to escape punishment for their crimes.

This precedent cannot stand. If our government legitimizes torture against others it will surely be perpetrated on our own citizens. It also allows our enemies the luxury of turning the table on future generations who will be called on to defend our country. Do not tell me “It wont happen again.” It will. That is the problem with precedents.

Please make my feelings known. This is not the country I want my children to inherit.Thank you.

Mr. Daniel Connell

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