>I know I know, don’t change your avatar. It screws up your brand, confuses your true followers. But what does one do when one is bored with their avatar? Move on, get over it? That was up to you. I’ve picked a few icon choices I’ve been re-considering. You decided (via Twitter tweet votes) the week of October 12th.

Here’s what the timeline would appear like with my different choices. (click image to enlarge)

Update: October 16th: I stopped counting how many votes I received around 250… most of ’em were via DMs. Here’s the rankings my friends and followers chose over the week (in order of popularity votes).

1. B (My original icon from when I started Twitter in March, 2009). It’s a Robert Thomas actor headshot from the summer of 2007. I hope I still look like that. Most on Twitter told me “it’s the way they see me”.

2. C That’s actually a recent home shot from June. When I get tired of shaving, I’ll grow back the facial hair. It’s an on and off again thing with me. Most of my ‘real life’ friends who have Twitter accounts picked that one, I suppose that’s the “Crash” they know.

3. A and D pretty much tied up for 3rd and 4th place. ‘A’ is another headshot from Robert Thomas, ‘D’ was lifted from a @rosslarocco Tweetup video and was used on Twitter from late August up to October 16th.

Thank you so much for humoring me and playing along with my Twitter avatar change experiment. Apparently my boredom was right. It was time for a change. Well, not really… it’s back to the original icon I started with. And the really cool thing is… my Twitter connections took the time to help me learn some new things about me. A simple tweet can spark a new friendship.

And I agree with most of my social media mentors… pick one and keep it. I will this time. 😀

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