Twitter ™ American Idol ™
You get to pick who you want to follow / follow back You vote from a “dodgeball game of amateur singers”, eventually
If you like a singer or song, you can blip it or retweet it (and not really have to listen to it) If you like a singer, you have to beg God and Congress to vote on their cell phones and wait an entire season for the major let down
If you like a Twitterer, you can follow their tweets anytime by going to their profile page and catch up. If you like a singer, you have to wait until it’s their turn to sing once or twice per show, twice a week
If you tweet something stupid, it’s usually in front of a few hundred followers who are online actually paying attention to your tweets You say something stupid, you’re kicked off and back to your ‘real life’ into obscurity.
If you tweet something really stupid, you’re blocked and a trending topic. You say something really stupid, you’re in next year’s Super Bowl half time show.
Come as you are, dressed, naked, sober, drunk, it’s all good Change your look and image immediately or not pass the next round
Have engagement and information 24/7, round-the-clock Constant verbal abuse, superficial relationships, and that wonderful feeling of the ‘shoe could fall any moment’.
Block, “report as spam” ad tweets you find annoying or abusive Just when the tension can’t get any worse, they break for 37 minutes of commercials
It’s just not one topic with the same old lines and BS Are you really surprised what Ryan’s gonna say next?
Ah, the awesome feeling of belonging Ah, the awesome feeling of one lucky person out of millions gets a music career and clothing line

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