>March 15th marks my first year on Twitter.

I was on MySpace (closed that account in December), Blogger, Facebook, and LinkedIn back then, didn’t even know about Twitter. Then I met Jerry Del Colliano through his Inside Music Media blog. We exchanged a few phone calls and emails and he convinced me to try Twitter since I was no longer able to ‘compel’ behind a radio mic back in central Texas (at that time).

A year later, many downs and ups, I’m still tweeting.

To draw attention to myself (which I rarely do) *coughing from the back row*, I wanted to do something extra special Monday. I’ve saved over the year my favorite tweets. I was thinking about doing the “best of @AndyCrash” to remind long timers what we’ve shared as well as give an idea to new friends and prospective friends how I’ve evolved my “Twitter brand” over the past 12 months.

But I’m very busy this week, hopefully closing a “broadcasting” deal that I’ve been working on for several years. I’m hoping the timing is finally right. With that being said, I just won’t be able to sit on Twitter all day and evening to copy/paste/interact on Monday.

But that’s really ok. Because, in my experience, that’s not what Twitter is to me. It’s the sharing.

Out of the 5800 followers that have joined me along the way, I’d say about 20% of ’em are true friends. These are Twitter people that continue to keep in touch, provide tweets that inform or entertain, introduce me to new networking opportunities, etc. So, as a labor of love, I’m going to share THEM with all the followers who bother to scan my tweets in their timeline.

I’m spending my anniversary RETWEETING!

Sure I already do a lot of retweeting, but ALL RETWEETS in Monday’s timeline. I’ll be scanning over 5800 profiles and retweeting tweets I feel will give you an idea of why I follow them.

I won’t be “you’re welcome’ing, thanks’ing, I’m fine’ing, yes it’s nice here’ing” at all so don’t get your social media etiquette undies in a knot. 🙂 If I have a response, I’ll do it in a DIRECT MESSAGE.

Yeah, that feels right. Tweeting is great, freindships are great, networking is great—but it’s the viral, organic effects of the retweet that I appreciate most about being a Twitter member.

So, thank YOU in advance for taking a chance on that old dude from central Texas (and now NE Wisconsin) who comes and goes as he pleases and hopefully creates a few chuckles along the way!

Very sincerely YOURS,

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