>That’s right. I turned 50 a few weeks ago and the only time I’ve ever been in a hospital bed was when I was dating a trauma nurse…. well, that’s another story, another time.

Last Saturday afternoon, after enjoying some very spicy hot wings, I found myself in terrible pain in the lower left side of my abdomen and bleeding from an area of my lower end I’ve never bled from before. Rushed my butt (pardon the pun) to the ER room.

Very new experience for me. I’ve enjoyed no accidental injuries or serious illnesses all my life. Any ER visits were for someone else. With my health insurance background, I would have to say I was a good (yet scared) patient.

For obvious personal reasons, I choose not to share what the diagnosis was, but it does require surgery, and follow ups… and lots of missed work. Well, lots for me, since I’m not used to being on my back and drinking liquid diets… well, not since college (if you get my drift).

I’ve posted a few cryptic hints about this surgery just to explain my absence from social networking, but since my friends deserve a little more information than “this just happened”, I decided to share a little more information here.

I’ll say this, since cancer runs on both sides of my family, I should have had some of these procedures done about five years ago, but out of ignorance just didn’t bother with it.

The surgery went off without a hitch. I’m a wimp, so the anesthetic kicked my butt (as it were) and I spent about an hour knocked out after the surgeon was finished with me. The fact that I didn’t sleep a wink the night before probably helped that along.

I’ve got a follow up visit it next week and another surgery planned in late January and as far as I know for now, it’ll be all wrapped up… hopefully.

My eyes started going bad when I turned 40, and now there are some foods and liquids my body will no longer tolerate in this new decade of life. I’m very fortunate that everything else seems to be in tip top shape… I could lose another 30 pounds according to averages, that’ll be my new year’s resolution, since it’ll take the year for me to pull that off with my hectic schedule.

Perhaps my eyes are getting better after all… I’m seeing the light of preventative health care… for peace of mind, and savings. Much cheaper for catching it earlier.

Thanks again for your social media feedback and support.

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