>Ed Boyle, our tech guy in the Temple Civic Theatre presentation of “Dearly Beloved” which wrapped up on the 5th, borrowed one of my Star Trek TV props to cast it to make his own. He’s now working tech for their upcoming play, “Marvin’s Room”. He asked me to come by the theatre last night after my film scene rehearsal with Ben and Nathan… so I did, but Ed was gone.

I had to walk around the theatre looking for him. On stage, back stage, dressing room hall, voms, crap… he’s not even there.

I wasn’t ready to see the Fayro, Texas set from DEARLY BELOVED all torn in shreds and pieces. I wonder when that day will come when I can …. I know…

Call me a WHAAAAAAAA-mbulance!

“Say Bye to Dub, Crash… you gotta put on your black suit, load your gun… there’s people to torture, people to kill in your next project. We move on?