>I read about myself on Ben Green’s blog, the guy who cast me for his latest indie short project, still “untitled”. Since I’m in it for the fun, I’ll take all the compliments instead of food. 🙂 Not actually true… I’m forcing Ben to edit video/audio from a shooting I made during a dress rehearsal of “Dearly Beloved” from a few weeks ago at Temple Civic Theatre. And my wife wants me to ask Ben to make an audition video of her begging for a shot on DEAL OR NO DEAL.

Anyway, the hardest part is behind us after tonight’s rehearsal between Sam (Nathan) and Joe (me), who I met for the first time tonight. Another actor/friend in this film, Rafael, had a feeling Nathan and I would hit it off… good call.

A rough start since it’s been a few years since I’ve done a film… mostly plays behind me lately… and comedies. And I need to start running instead of jogging. Damn camera made my face look fat… and my double chin puts Liz Taylor to shame.

This new film’s story makes PULP FICTION sound like THE WIZARD OF OZ. I haven’t spoken this much profanity since I got kicked in the groin during a Tae Kwon Do match in high school. My wife even read the script and said, “Well, our 1 year old will have to wait til he’s married to see THIS film.”

I’m not knocking it at all, in fact, like a Richard Pryor or Red Foxx movie, the story WILL not work without the course language. Sam and Joe are a hoot until it’s time for business.

I’m nothing like Joe. This role will be a challenge. I talk too much, Joe listens too much. I need people around me to feel apart of belonging… Joe just tolerates people to reach a short-term goal.
He’s good at what he does and he kills as easily as I drive home with a cell phone in my ear…. “What? I’m here already?”

I think Ben hyped me up too much with Nathan. He did alot of “be patient” stuff, but I think Ben and I put him at ease. And Nathan took the improv stuff and pulled it off great. I’ve done my share of “show biz” junk, but I’m far from where I ever want to be as an actor. And I want to grow from everything around me. I am anxious to see what Crash takes from Joe on his acting journey.

I don’t want to end up like Heath Ledger. Sorry. Joe made me say that.