>Ben Green has hired me and I need the money. I’m taking the role of Joe now. My trusted friend, Rafael Zubizaretta, Jr. wanted to work with me again. I wanted to work with him, too. “I know a guy who needs your talent and your sense of humor. I’ll have him call you.”

I auditioned for Ben Green (writer, filmmaker) during one of the rehearsals on DEARLY BELOVED… my character had some scenes to rest, so I switched from redneck to seasoned hit man.

Ben wasn’t sure at first. Let’s try again some other night. The second time convinced him I guess. Or he was out of options. Most actors don’t get a second chance to audition.

Cormic watch your a**. Joe knows all about you and remains unimpressed. Keep watching this space for more details. Rehearsals start Thursday. It’s been several years since I’ve been naughty on film.