>It’s been over a week since I last blogged, not like me lately. Lots of great shooting going on with Ben’s film “Face First”…. the working title. Raf came into town to do his parts, it was just fun to share the frame with him again. Lots of pictures of the stuff, but it’s on my (former) MySpace page, under TAGGED PHOTOS… thanks Joyce. Erin’s working on my photo CD, I’ll post some of those here. Rusty (the actor who plays Will in the film) also took some great photos, but not sure how to get copies… he’s on Facebook… which I don’t use… too many scary web bugs on it.

I’m also getting some extra money helping out at a local office supply store at night and weekends. Definitely not quitting my insurance business, but just needed to get some “fresh air” and some extra money, folks usually hold off on their insurance decisions until spring, so there’s a lull right now. It’s kind of my reality check on what life is really like out there. insurance and acting can be sheltering, so I need that change occasionally.

Ben should be working on a trailer for the movie short soon. I’m going to be looking for a venue soon where we can invite you to come see it, like a premier event or something. It will be only 30 minutes long, the tough part will be getting permission because of the language and violence. It’s rougher than anything I’ve seen in theatres lately.

Christmas is a few days away and I’ll be busy so let me say it here for all my friends, family, and new visitors: “I pray this is your most Happiest Holiday Season ever and surprises you never thought possible will come your way!”