>I think it’s all done now, at least my shooting parts. We started shooting Ben Green’s untitled indie back in late October, and we shot the final scene on December 15th. Lots of blood. Lots of retakes. I saw the rough scene edit the other night. 10 minutes I think it was. And it took 5 hours to shoot. I loved the Joe role. It’s my “longest” film role yet. That helps. I hope Ben titles the film “Face First” from one of Joe’s lines.

We did some make up shots a few nights ago with our new “Mr. Sweets” character, Michael Fox. And thanks to Jerry Tyroch for working late and allowing us to use his high dollar office on short notice to shoot that scene. Nathan Dotson and I brought a change of clothes to portray two FBI agents for a local rap artist music video. Bumbling feds, now THAT’S typecasting. Ben’s acting background definitely helped us all in this story. And the almost instant chemistry between Sam and Joe (I saw it in the rough edits)… awesome.

I finally got to cut all the color out of my hair yesterday. Back to short and graying. Until my next “younger” role. I’ll keep it real for my emcee role next month at Vive Les Arts, MOVIE LEGENDS – HITS FROM HOLLYWOOD.

I’ve been invited for a role in Ben Green’s next movie. “What is it about?” “I don’t know yet.” “Is it a comedy or…” “Probably.” Sounds fun, keep me in the loop! I learned alot from Ben and the other great performers and crew on this one, let’s not stop now!

We’re working (HOPING) on a premiere night at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin… a double feature with another indie film… later in the year. I am urging Ben to make and post a trailer for the film on YouTube. The rough cut is very exciting to watch but now I know why most actors don’t like to watch themselves. I hope my character is more compelling to others than he was to my eyes. I look like a fat old amateur who’s brother-in-law filmmaker owed a favor to.

My wife told me that Kiefer Sutherland said the same thing about himself the other day on Ellen. “Oh yeah Katelynn, I’m DEFINITELY in the same talent class as HE IS!”

Ben, Josh, Jamie, Coby, Nathan, Michael, Tiffany, Rusty, Ed, Joyce, Erin, Tim, Jonathon, and others who helped this project – thanks so much, let’s stay in touch

And Rafael! Wow, it’s been too long since we shared the stage. I know you’re big time now, so thanks for coming back to the hood and playing with us up and comers… it wasn’t a story until you showed up and brought your magic and energy to the sets.

Friends and neighbors: Come to the premiere and cheer us on… you’ll love the story, but leave the kiddos at home – the language and violence may make a few nearby wince. And laugh.

I’ll post more details here.