>Looking for Kodak printer testimonials, new Kodack ESP reviews, Kodac printers and black and color pigment ink consumer feedback? Is it possible? Or too good to be true?

Wow, how about those Kodak ESP infommericals?! Richard Karn is the new spokesman. The $99.00 unit package was popular, they now have to sell the next unit up, for $199. Yeah, but still, the Kodak black and color cartridges are bigger and so cheap! And you don’t have to be Bill Gates to use it. Finally, Kodak gets it… a cheap printer and cheap ink — that’s what smart, thrifty Americans really want. Even Staples thinks so (the new retailer selling Kodak printers and ink). But wait.

Here’s a real review from one user expert about the Kodack ESP printers pros and cons:


Do you trust reviews or trust your wallet? Get what you pay for. For $200, there are more quality printers you can buy off the shelve right now, sell pigment inks (most quality manufactures already use pigment ink) and they’re cheaper than Kodak’s if you buy online in bulk, like at THIS SITE. Most with free shipping.

Folks ask me all the time, what’s the cheapest way to print inkjet color long-term? Printing is like toilet paper… you’ll always need it. BUY IN BULK for the BEST ‘cost-per-page’ savings. Buy premium (coated) paper by the case, buy twin or quad packs of inks, recycle (refill) the cartridges. Use the ink until the pages go blank (ignore software warnings ink is low or out)… my HP prints easily an extra 200 pages in draft mode (600DPI-great texts output with premium paper) long after the printer says OUT OF INK. It’s not a car, you can drive it to bone dry.

Yes, this is just one opinion. Do your homework elsewhere, too. For the same prices Kodacks ESP is charging, bang for buck, you have higher quality options at your nearby office supply store–with business perks discounts, in-store savings, etc. Agree? Disagree? Please comment below. BTW: Kodak misspellings above are on purpose… for search engines ;-D

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