>From a recent email from my younger brother, Daniel Lee Connell in Utah:

At a recent machine gun shoot-off where the N.R.A. was recruiting members, a vendor was selling t-shirts that said” Hitler made great speeches too”

The shirt had a picture of our new president. I have received numerous e-mails about ammo shortages, gun shortages, proposed weapons bans, repeal of constitutional amendments. Blah, Blah, Scare, Scare!

I would like to see anyone prove any shortage of resources when it comes to killing people. Not since the invention of the firearm has it ever happened.

The firearms industry is selling everyone a line of crap to increase sales. They are artificially manipulating supply to increase prices and sales.

Case in point: Last summer crude oil was priced at nearly $150.00 a barrel. Now it is near $45.00. That “Drill Baby Drill “sh!t didn’t happen. Most oil producing countries dropped production. Demand or consumption has not dropped to any great degree. Only when speculators were threatened with regulation and criminal repercussions did the price drop to realistic levels.

With oil they said a Sheik farted so we have to raise prices. With guns they say our president is a gay secret Muslim child molester who stomps kittens and will take our guns. They are selling a load of eco-political crap to the American people because America is buying it.

I live in a community with one business street less than a mile long.Ellet service station. Loa hardware, Royals food store and Brian I F.A all sell ammo at discount prices and in bulk. I can get you all you need. We need to get real. www.aimsurplus.com

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