>Eleven years ago I met Brett Favre back stage at the Tim McGraw concert in Green Bay. To my surprise, he came up to ME first. He said “Been dying to meet you… love your show… I listen to it all the time.” And he excitedly shook my hand.

All I could do was stare at my hand.

Any chance we had a chance to meet and talk in public after that, he was always gracious and fun to chat with.

Before I moved back to Texas in the summer of ’99, we exchanged addresses. We sent back Christmas cards, but that was about it. I’m actually the one who lost touch with all the changes going on in my personal life. Plus, I didn’t want to be a bother. 🙂 He’d become a movie star. 😀 (Something About Mary).

Today, Brett returns to his former home turf to play as a Viking. I moved back to NE Wisconsin over the summer. I was amazed on the polarity in the area of our former Super Bowl hero. All I could remember was how he put the Packers back on the map during my brief stay in Wisconsin in the 90s.

My father-in-law (a long time Packers fan) has gone completely Vikings now. My next door neighbor has removed the number 4 from his vocabulary (he’s in his early 60s).

Brett made a positive impact in my personal life so I’m still a fan. He’s done NOTHING to personally injure me or my family, so that’s my stance.

And I admire that he’s still ‘in the game’. I miss radio. A lot. Perhaps changing your mind about retiring from something you love isn’t so dumb after all.

Seeing him back in Green Bay on the field again, wearing that #4 PURPLE JERSEY is like watching an ex-girlfriend drive over a cliff in my favorite truck.

Mixed emotions.

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