>Social media is can be a time-consuming endeavor.

One of my high ranking Twitter connections told me in private, “I think you’re over-thinking it, working way too hard.” I replied, “Bulls##t! You didn’t get all those loyal followers just tweetin’ random stuff, I know you use tools, apps, and formatics for your account.”

So, I’ve decided to do more lurking than posting for awhile. I need to show my family (and myself) that I can keep it all in perspective in 2010. After all, it’s just social networking. What were the numbers again?? Something like only 5% of internet users are using “status updates” sites? How many of people you connect with every day, FACE-TO-FACE are using Twitter or Facebook as religiously as you and me? Just ask ’em. It’s a new year, lets discover other ways to feed our brains and egos, too.

Social media is wonderful except with a major side effect: it’s killing our attention spans.

I for one, choose to hang on to mine for a few years longer. 😉

Happy New Year,

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