>Many have asked why we left the 10-year comfort of central Texas (and successful home business) to return to NE Wisconsin. I guess they ask mainly because of the climate extremes.

My family is from central Texas (Killeen-Fort Hood area), my wife, Katelynn’s family is from the Sherwood, Wisconsin area. Last May, Katelynn’s father had a sleep apnea related seizure that put him out of work (Calumet County Road Dept.) for four months. We had hoped he was on his way to recovery. He actually retired from the county, after 37 years, this past Wednesday.

We weren’t too sure if this was going to be a temporary re-location or not. We were going to re-evaluate our living situation here again next month.

At 7am this morning (New Year’s Day) we recieved a phone call from Katelynn’s sister that my father-in-law had suffered another major seizure at home. Fortunately, my mother-in-law was in the room (instead of work which she would have been on a regular Friday). He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance once again.

Because of the holiday, regular doctors (if that makes sense) and MRI techs are off and they decided to release my father-in-law about 10am. According to my wife (I stayed home with the 2yr old), he looked like “her late GRANDFATHER”. “All he wanted was to go home and sleep”, she said by phone on her way back home.

He is scheduled to see a neurologist in Oshkosh first thing Monday morning. We’ll have more information then. By the way, this condition he suffers from is the same thing that took the life of Green Bay Packer Reggie White and many others.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and best wishes. I’ll pass ’em along to my wife’s parents and family members.

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