>As most of my friends know, I am a big baby when it comes to being sick. My new doctor up here in Wisconsin just finished high school and is looking forward to his voice changing and acne clearing up.

I’m also mean(er) when I’m sick.

It’s regional allergies he says. I’m on Naisonex or however it’s spelled. So is my wife. And my 2year old is snottier than usual, too. We’re all at home. Together. 24/7. Inside. 2800 square feet is not as big as it was six days ago.

Since I’m retaining this bad attitude, I promise to stay off Twitter and Facebook until I feel fairly human again.

Thank you for the kind emails and messages. I don’t deserve you. Wait… yes I do. You don’t deserve me.

Also: I’m sick to death of daytime TV. Even with 600 satellite channels and an 11% unemployment rate, you’d think those idiots that get paid to entertain us could also do it during the daytime hours. Or at least “act” like they’re trying to entertain us. Even “Ellen” is going commercial. Is it a monologue or infomercial. Ellen Shop???????

Oh wait, there goes that math crap again. Why bother with the 11 percent at home watching TV, let’s focus on the 89% that will be home this evening and won’t watch TV because they’re tired from having a job they don’t like either.

I keep forgetting that math. No, I don’t drink.

I’m done bitching. For now.

Love you.

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