>DO NOT hire OR consult a tax settlement firm! Call the IRS immediately and work out a payment plan TODAY. Read on!

Sharon Bilbary, St Louis Mo
I went to JK Harris to get my tax payment cleared up….I agent told me I would have to bring all my paper work and $200.00 down payment. When I got there I discovered I left my check book and he wrote the check for me and he added the amount to the balance. I thought this is a good faith gesture. Little did I know that I was in for a rude awakening. I was told to sit back and let them handle my case. (read more)


After months of dropped balls at J.K. Harris, new case workers every 3 months (with no phone call follow ups from them, or returned calls or emails), and more and more scary letters from the Internal Revenue Service, I gave up and said, “I will go fix this myself”. To be fair, there were a dozen or calls between us and J K Harris tax prep people (the beginning of the process). But any mistakes made, according to them, “are your fault, you agreed to… and also….” No ma’am, check this email, that email… ” Then I’d get a new preparer. (read more)


Just like my past posts about J K Harris. Sure, they didn’t hold up to their part of the agreement, but it is still my fault for:

1. Not knowing my tax obligations when self-employed
2. Not paying my quarterly taxes on time the first couple of years
3. Waiting until the IRS found me (it took them about 3 years to reach me via mail)
4. Not researching my options for payments to the IRS (pride)
5. Allowing a TV commercial to convince me it wasn’t my fault (they’re selling GUILT RELEASE) and that someone else would do the work I didn’t know how to do or was too intimidated to approach.
6. Not asking questions. Letting things happen to me and accepting my fate. Guilt. Ignorance. Pride. (read more)

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