>I don’t know if it’s some weird cycle that happens every decade or something. I’m in my late 40s and lately I’ve been having some bizarre dreams. A lot lately. This morning, I woke up at 2:30am … because I’ve sorta ‘trained’ myself to awaken if I’m not happy with my dream.

It’s hard to describe. It wasn’t a bad dream, but it just felt wrong. And I was very disoriented and depressed when I woke up.

Do you have those kind of dreams where you’re back a few months ago reliving something but a variation on that theme…. like an alternate ending? I am not real excited about this very cold weather in NE Wisconsin and my brain is finding ways to deal with it I suppose. My recent dreams have been about me and my family back in central Texas in our former home (we moved up here in July 2009).

In my dream a few hours ago, we were all in our back yard, kids and friends, swimming in our pool on a beautiful, hot, sunny day. It was so real to me. Running back inside the house, grabbing some cold drinks and snacks, grabbing towels, the cold pool water, the grass under my feet…

Then my brain somehow realizes, “nope, sorry, you’re now living up in Wisconsin—and it’s February—-here, I’ll show you—-“ Then I’m awake.

Hell, I’m beginning to think I might need some of that Lunesta stuff … just to see if the deeper sleep may change the dreams to something more pleasant: like a green room party after a kick-ass stand up set in the Bahamas!… or a guest starring role in the new Star Trek movie (I assume there will be another Star Trek movie)… or …. nope, I’ll keep this post rated G.

So, spill it. Do you have those type of dreams?

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