>I’ve been recruited by my wife’s cousin to “fix” his “locked-up, damn thing stopped working” 8 year old laptop. You know how it is. Don’t want to spend the money for a new one … just very comfortable with the old one. “I know where everything is, it’s works fine… and some of the software is no longer available… yadda yadda yadda.”

Spybot found 806 worms, trojans, and viruses on ’em. No AV scan since 2007. Can’t load any new software because the 11GB hard drive has 98MB left.

First things first. Let’s upgrade the hard drive. For that model, the top drive available is 40GB… more than he’ll need for his feed mill’s quoting software. Online prices for said drive are about $90 average.

Him: “Yikes, um.. isn’t a used hard drive much cheaper?”

Me: “There are three things you NEVER BUY USED:

1. Disposable diapers

2. Sex Toys

3. Hard Drives

I don’t care how much cheaper it may be, these things you do NOT skimp on.

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