>My wife’s uncle recently purchased a Toshiba laptop package deal from Best Buy. He didn’t like the printer because he wanted one with a SD card slot to print directly from the computer. He asked me if he could return it to Best Buy for a better one. I don’t work for Best Buy, but I know how these “package deals” work. I also researched it since I’m just a family member by marriage who ‘may or not know’. 🙂 I also suggested he sell it on EBay, take the money and upgrade the printer. But then…

Online value of HP Deskjet F4480 is $49.99 – $79.99 depending on the online merchant.

You can expect to get about $60.00 selling it unopened/new on EBay (minus shipping costs).

This particular model DOES NOT have a SD card slot for direct printing.

HOWEVER, you can purchase a USB SD card reader for about $20 at Office Max. It plugs into the USB port on your laptop/desktop and will read your camera’s SD card for printing on this affordable HP F4480 printer.

In my opinion, the HP Deskject F4480 is a great, functional printer, scanner, copier. The 2 cartridge system is also a plus if you used quality paper (24lb) with “HP Color Guard” coating on the paper (uses less ink). My favorite printer rule: Buy in bulk. Ink and paper are like toilet paper, can you have enough? Do expect to one day stop printing with ink onto paper?

Best Buy return policy: Promotional items and bundles

… Best Buy occasionally offers promotional items and savings with a purchase or enhanced savings on a bundle of items when they are purchased together.

• When a promotional item is returned, the value of the promotional item is deducted from the refund amount. For instance, if you purchase a TV and get a $100 gift card or 50% off of a DVD player, the $100 value of the gift card or the total value of the DVD player would be subtracted from the refund.

• When an item included as part of a promotional bundle is returned, the bundled discount is void and the value of the bundled discount will be applied to the refund. This occasionally results in additional funds being owed to Best Buy. For instance, if your receive $200 in savings when you purchase a laptop and printer together and you return either item, the $200 amount will be subtracted from your refund.


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