OK, this is way off for me. I have yet to post instructions on how to rebuild ANYTHING….

While shopping today with our ‘almost three year old’ boy, he and I overindulged on popcorn, hotdogs, and cherry Icees. Yes, I need to grow up and be the parent.

After a fun-filled spree we ran to the van in the nice 72 degree weather.

Four minutes after he was strapped into his car seat, I heard that unmistakable moist splat sound. Yep, I turned around and he had that confused look on his face, “what the hell just came out of my mouth and all over me?!” look.

I was a little proud at that instant. I’m a wimp and when it comes time for me to expel any toxins my body deems intolerable, I make a scene of it. My son was cool, calm, and quiet. Me? As my wife puts it when I rarely ‘ralph’…. “my God, no one throws up as loud as you do”.

He just stared at me for a few moments, then looked at his messy hand (I guess he tried to hold it in?), shirt, pants, shoes, back of the passenger seat, carseat (harness and all), side door panels… well… anyway…

I keep a roll of paper towels in the van, so I was sorta prepared. I did my best to calm him down as I attempted to clean up his accident while gagging so loud, a man in handicapped parking limped over from his van to make sure I was all right. Wife was still in the store at the register. Naturally. When there’s a baby clean up, she’s not at her post.

Well, the car seat was trashed. Ray-Ray had moved on and now upset because he was hungry again. Wife showed up, didn’t notice anything because she was on her cell phone talking to her sister about borrowing a Cricket or something for scrapbooking, blah blah blah.

We got home and quickly took the nasty carseat apart and threw all the parts in the washing machine (the ones that weren’t attached), along with Ray-Ray’s clothing, and tossed our hungry baby in the tub.

An hour or so later all was clean. And un-assembled. Oh no. “We DO have the manual to this thing, right? I have no idea how to put it back together?” My wife started griping about how we’re still living out of boxes and blah blah blah.

Oh, yes. There’s Google. 15 minutes later. Nothing. Their company website was NO HELP, but it looked nice. Great use of Flash. Anyhoo…

From what I could tell in my searches, our Cosco Scenera 22123 model no longer exists. Wow, we only bought it new about 2 years ago. Nothing. No manuals, no YouTube videos on how to re thread the harness, rebuild it from scratch, nothing. BUT there were lots of forums begging for help with my same challenge.

I decided to just use logic. I know, that only works for chicks and Vulcans… but that damn car seat dared me. I had to face my fears and get after it. Deep breath.

By the time I got back upstairs, my wife had it all rebuilt. She found the manual. Google sucked and so did I. But, I was allowed to put the cleaned, rebuilt, fresh car seat back in the van myself. So there.

Being the kinda guy I am, I decided to help troubled others that are still standing their with that single strap in their hands wondering what to do next.

OK, all your parents who own a Cosco Scenera 22123 Car Seat and had to take it apart to clean it or replace the strap or whatever… I’ve scanned in the last few pages of the Instruction Manual (man, those two words are painful to type, much less say) so you can download it (PDF file) and get busy. My wife said it only took her 10 minutes to put it back together. Which, of course is bulls##t. I was on Google for at least 15 minutes trying to find out how to fix it first.

But after looking over the pages, it really isn’t so bad. It’s just a lot of snaking the same belt through many slots (and we all know how fun that can be).

Here is the re-harnessing instructions from the Eng. 4358-3614D manual. I also scanned in the REPLACEMENT PARTS order form. It has a fax number, but looks kinda cheezy to me. It’s a safe download from my CrashKelly.com site. The url is:


Good luck with that project, and post a comment if it was any help or if it just confused you more. I may be able to talk my wife into stopping by your place and reassembling it for you, however it would be cheaper to try it yourself first. And she’s got a hectic schedule.

Oh, one last thing… recycled cherry Icees, hotdogs, and stale popcorn blend in well with beige/brown car seats. If you can tolerate the smell.

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