>The top five music downloads, 962,000 in all include:
Hey Soul Sister – Train
Rude Boy – Rihanna
Nothing on You – B.o.B f/Bruno Mars
Break Your Heart – Taio Crus f/Ludacris
Baby – Justin Bieber f/Ludacris

The guy who played the Munchkin coroner in the Wizard of Oz, Meinhardt Raabe passed away this week at the age of 94. Family members in Orange Park, Florida confirmed that he was “really most sincerely dead”.

Look for cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the Glee premiere to dance and sing the the 80’s hit “Let’s Get Physical” with guest star Olivia Newton John. Jane Lynch, the actor who plays the ruthless coach confirmed rumors that her and her longtime girlfriend, psychologist Lara Embry just got engaged.

Rihanna will make a guest shot at the upcoming Lilith Fair tour. Sarah McLachlan will headline the tour with 11 other artists. Cities, dates and more at LilithFair.com

Actor Michael J. Fox admits in his new book that he’s a high school drop out. He left Canada to pursue acting in LA. His teacher told him, “You’re not going to be cute forever” . Left Canada for sunny LA? I would have said, “You can’t stay warm forever”.

It’s a fight out at the box office between “Date Night” and 3D hit, “Clash of the Titans”. “How to Train Your Dragon” continues to be a critic’s favorite. Mylie Cyrus’ “The Last Song” hangs in 5th place, but has brought in $42 mil so far.

Kitty Kelley’s new unauthorized “Oprah” biography is out. Lots of juicy stuff in it. What’s the scoop on Oprah and her gal pal Gayle King? Is boyfriend Stedman a front? What’s the real story on Oprah’s baby whe she was 15? A lot of talk shows are turning down interviews with Kitty: The View, Larry King, David Letterman, and Charlie Rose to name a few. But Bill O’Reilly invited her to tonight’s (Tuesday) show.

A lot of cool gadgets were inspired from the TV series Star Trek and now it could be ladies fashions! Essence Magazine is impressed with Trek movie star Zoe Saldana, who played Lt. Uhura. Her style is described as modern, chic, and has the edge. She’s got two new flicks coming out “Death at a Funeral” and “The Losers”.

New health studies show what we all deep inside already know. “Doctors can achieve more by doing less and spending less…. prevention trumps medication. The medical journal “Archives of Internal Medicine” will cover widely used drugs and tests that don’t pass muster. It’s smart math. Healthy foods and gym memberships are a lot cheaper than prescription drugs and hospital stays.

Was checking out round trip airfares to Chicago the other day and I wasn’t surprised to read that 66 million of us have stopped flying since 2007. More bumped seats, extra hidden fees, no meals… it’s like trying to buy tickets for the Conan O’Brien tour.

The threat of higher car insurance premiums could be a reality if Toyota can’t get their act together soon. Their sudden acceleration woes are prompting insurers for claims reimbursement from the automaker.

It’s Workplace Friendship Week
– a new survey says that 8% of people we work with are friends we hang with outside of work. Which of course mean, that the other 92% we’d rather not see after we clock out.

Taxes not done yet? The internet is NOT your salvation. Bogus IRS sites are popping up lately all over Google and most are designed to steal your identity. No matter how cool and official it appears, the IRS does NOT send out unsolicited links and emails. Get the scoop at IRS.gov

And on that sour note… a love song to take us out from Crash and Burns.

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