>Some accounts on Twitter can be very sensitive for some reason. I’ve unfollowed a few that some how ‘noticed’ and instantly @reply with, “why did you unfollow me?”

Most likely is because:

1. I realized after several months of following your tweets, you and I have nothing really further to to discuss (you never @ me anyway).
2. I’ve decided I’m not on Twitter enough to benefit either of us.
3. I checked out your product(s), service(s) and won’t be in that market anytime soon.
4. I have a strong feeling you want something from me I’m unable to provide or give away.
5. You appear to be following me just for the follow back.
6. Your redundancy is understandable, but now annoying me.
7. We connected at one time or another, but apparently it was just a ‘one tweet stand’.
8. I feel you’re harassing or heckling me… not a productive relationship.
9. I don’t have a clever response to your consistent “what’s up?” anymore.
10. No more free “CUSTOMIZED jokes ON DEMAND”, I’m trying to make a living at it.
11. Our twitter relationship seems to me to be “one way”…. not why I’m on Twitter.
12. Nothing personal, just time to clean up my twitter account, and I’m moving on to new connections… our interests evolve and change.
13. If none of the above apply, it may be a script bug and not intentional. If you bring it to my attention, I’ll remedy the mistake.

If my unfollowing (I’ll also remove myself from your follow list) distresses you, please recap our Twitter relationship over the last few months. I’m one follower… trust this, you’ll get over it in a few tweets.

And who knows, perhaps down the road, we’ll meet up again… if you don’t ‘block’ me in a fit of anger. 😉

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