>I’ll be on Twitter for two years in April. I will admit that I don’t do the #FollowFriday or #FF tweets on a regular basis, so perhaps this viewpoint is skewed.

When I DO the #FF tweets, I assume it is designed to tell YOUR followers about who YOU follow and then others can connect with THEM, and YOU, etc. etc. So I was told at tweet ups.

In my reality, I only gain about a dozen new followers from my #FollowFriday tweet participation. And I’m not sure if that’s from other’s recommendations. It may be from recent tweets.

And I’ve checked out some of the “social media guru” types on Twitter… at least the ones I looked over are NOT participating in the #FF party anymore.

May I assume that the #FollowFriday tweets are for tweet folk who are sticking with tradition? Or they’re new to Twitter, following the train? Or no longer have anything of value to tweet on Fridays? These questions are not my attempt to be an ass, just truly wondering if it brings any connection value since it began about 5 years ago.

I’ve even had a few Twitter connections tell me they stay off Twitter on Fridays because of “all the noise”.

I think I may have tweeted my last #FollowFriday tweet today. Your thoughts/feedback would certainly be appreciated.

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