>A few friends have chastised me about “getting more personal” in my posts. So… TMI alert!:

Just an update about from my last post. My father contracted a blood infection from gallstones. He was in the hospital for almost a week and went home. Without removing the gallstones. Apparently you don’t ‘have to’ get them removed, so he didn’t.

His voice is bright and chipper so I am assuming that an 80-year old man can make his own decisions.

As for me, I’ve been recovering from a vasectomy since last Friday (January 28th). Like my wisdom teeth removal, if I knew what I know/feel today, I probably would have NOT done the procedure… but I’m enjoying how my wife is waiting on me hand and foot.

The doc and nurse said they “numbed the area”. I think they panicked when I started bucking.

I recommend numbing the entire body if you know someone considering getting the snip-snip. I know why they’re paid well, the verbal abuse they must endure couldn’t be tolerated for minimum wage.

Frozen peas, Vicodin, and movie rentals have kept me mostly pain free and distracted. I’m looking forward to the three months return visit with my lab “sample”.

It’s a six ounce sanitized container. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to completely fill that thing up.

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