You clicked a CRASH KELLY BLOG.COM link on Google and it brought you to a “page not found” page.  That sucks.  Apologies, but don’t give up.  Gimme a few moments:

I felt Blogger (blogspot) limiting.

I was fired.  I was bored.  I spent my late mother’s birthday moving everything over to WordPress.  All my famous blogger friends use WordPress.  Perhaps now I’ll be famous someday now.

With that being said, I tried to make sure that all my blogspot posts would redirect over to WordPress but I made a critical error.  I took the domain name over to GoDaddy before importing all the posts over here.   Apologies again.

I’m impressed with the Word Press search box.  Use it.  If you’re looking for that car seat article, type in “Cosco” or something similar like “car seat”, etc.  If you’re looking for my audio posts, type in “audio”.   Duh.  I know.

( << See the search box??? ) I just wanted to remind you that the amazing article you seek is still around, just taking a few extra steps.  I really do feel bad about that inconvenience, but I just wanted some more tools and flexibility.

Plus Google is taking over my household.  They know more about me than my own urologist. 🙁

With that being said, I’m going from free hosting to PAID  GoDaddy PHP hosting.   If you find my post(s) useful or entertaining… wouldya/couldya drop a buck or two in the tip jar?   You’ll see a handy DONATE via Paypal button there up on the top o’ this page.   That would be swell and there’s a neato surprise “redirect” after you donation is processed.

Enjoy, engage, and keep the faith!

Andy “Crash”