Ok, I’ll let you know that I’m trying to keep a cool head about my recent surprise firing from my short-lived morning show radio gig last Thursday.

But when I first got home from that fateful meeting, my first instinct was to cut off my non-essential living expenses.  It’s been a few years since I had to do this so naturally I forgot how difficult it is to do this in our ‘down economy’.

Companies are hiring and enforcing more ‘agressive’ policies with their call-in reps.  I’m actually impressed with their scripts.  “I’m so sorry you lost your job, sir.  Let me show you some affordable options to keep the service you have and enjoy, with some new features you’re not taking advantage of, at no extra monthly expense… is that all right?”

No.  No offense to you, I know it’s your job to keep customers happy and paying their bill on time, but I lost my job less than an hour ago and I need to immediately start finding ways to stop spending money until I can get new work.   “I understand sir, but since you’re not working, won’t you have more time to enjoy all your premium movie channels like HBO—-”  Stop!!! Ok, 15 points for a snappy come-back.  But no… really cancel my cable service for now. Sir, how about a free month of… *CLICK*   Redial.  Try another rep. I guess they’re not going to LOSE THEIR JOB just because I just lost mine.

This same scenario happened surprisingly a lot.  I had only one company rep immediately tell me, “I’m sorry to hear that, let’s get that process started.”

My ISP … yes, I was ready to cut off my monthly internet service for awhile (I have friends and there are libraries with internet service) dropped my monthly rates in half for six months since I’ve been with them since 2002.  That deal worked because I wasn’t totally buying into job hunting via friends computers.

Hopefully, dear reader, YOU haven’t had to do this recently.  But this is to let you know that when it comes time to trim the monthly outgo through a call-in center… have your wits in check along with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.