I just sat our 5-year old boy down on my lap, (TV, toys away, noises off) and we talked about the differences between God’s blessings and our human pursuit for happiness.  Things won’t make us happy because no one will ever have enough ‘things’.  Our 10 minutes together was like a 50’s sitcom… he sat quietly straddled on my lap, facing me, with his chin resting on his fists.  He asked great questions.

I confessed to my little one how I have failed him by buying him toys almost daily, usually ‘for no reason or occasion’.  I told him the Lord is dealing with me about it and I must be more obedient from now on.  Even though other parents may buy their children toys and nice things, he must realize that some people display their ‘things’ for prideful reasons and we can’t get caught up in that lie anymore.

My beautiful boy said, “So the devil wants us to be happy with toys and not God, right?”


I assured Patrick Ray that we can’t change other parents or children, but we can change the way we steward our resources and how we pursue God for His provisions and blessings.  I am putting this out here because I need to be a father, held accountable, that will lead my family to fully trust God (good times and bad times) and not the pursuit of our selfish happiness.

I am a very blessed man with an awesome bride and three beautiful kids who our merciful God has gifted me with.

Thanks for reading this.