I bought a new DX-2 Stunt drone from Shaper Image for our 9-yr old boy for Christmas.  We’re getting better at it at the cost of several propellor blades.  The drone did come with extras, but we are consistently destroying the #2 blades on the wall crashes.  Too much snow on the ground and high winds to do it outside.  And an impatient boy.

We’re down to the very last #2 blade.  There are two blade types for the DX-2 Stunt Drone, #1 turns one way, #2 turns another way.  Great.

Over the Christmas weekend, like most of you reading this, was typing in search terms like:

Sharper Image DX-2 stunt drone propellor replacements, Compatible propellor blade replacements for DX2 stunt drone, Order online DX-2 stunt drone blades, Sharper Image drone blade replacements, DX2 Stunt Drone parts, Drone blades replacement kits for Sharper Image, Sharper Image Drone Parts Kits and dozen more combinations that ended up at the same 5 posts, especially that video on YouTube where someone is demonstrating how to take it out of the box, set it up, and launch it.

I found some websites with the DX-1 drone blade replacements, but the reviews show they were to small or too big (I don’t remember) but I realized a lot of people out there are having the same frustrations as I was.

Okay, okay, you’ve read this far.  Thank you.  YOU CAN ORDER A VERY AFFORDABLE kit that includes the blade guard, 4 #1 blades and 4 #2 blades for $3.99 each.  I was so excited that I ordered TWO kits.  The rep’s name is Shaun.

Note: The morning of January 2, 2017, I tried calling the support number listed in the SHARPER IMAGE DX-2 STUNT DRONE instruction booklet.  I was on hold for 20 minutes and the automated voice said “We’re experiening a VERY HIGHER THAN NORMAL call volume, please call back” and it hung up.

You can not order online this kit, it can only be done through their support number. The rep didn’t know why it wasn’t available online (you could tell he was frustrated, too).

There you have it.  No worries.  They’re available, they’re affordable. I don’t know if there’s an order a limit, I only ordered two kits.

Their support number is:

800 374-2744

Update: I ordered two and they arrived about 4 weeks later.  I grew concerned about 2 weeks of waiting and called the above number.  They tracked me down in their system and said, “typical process time is 4-6 weeks”.  Here’s what arrived:

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